Since I started riding competitions I have always improved me. Slowly but each season like a pr. I learn more each time, and want to learn more and more. Trying everything to see if it also helps me because if you do not try you do not know what it could be. It seems nice to combine any Langebaan improve learning speed and Marathon various disciplines marathon, long track and apron to track the duration and tactics to convert. Additionally Shorttrack to perfect the curves. Thus each discipline helps each other. What I’m about 4 years? I do not know, I just want to keep improving every year and see how far I can go.


From around around my 6th I started skating. Usually with my father if there was natural ice. When we went skating with school I actually got a taste and actually wanted lessons. So when I was 11 I started skating lessons at the Ferwerter IIsclub. From season 2009/2010 I am going to ride in races Thialf. Since then I have ridden a PR every season. From the 2012-2013 season, I’m also at Shorttrack. In early 2012, I’ve tried a few lessons and then I felt that the short track helped a lot in the corners on the back burner. I short track now Mondays when there is no match and Fridays at Trias. From 2013-2014 season I am doing now marathons. The trainer said try it, so I start that season signed up for the Marathon region C2. It started so well, I like all’m riding. Those marathons 6x total of 10 races on the podium so I ended up with 308.2 points won by as much as a lead of 72.1 points at No. 2. Currently I am member at the Marathon Selection Region Friesland and skate now C1 marathons.

PR and Highlights
– Skating PR’s-

100m – 11.95

300m – 28.58

500m – 43.03

1000m – 1:26:12

1500m – 2:15:35

3000m – 4:39:28

5000m – 8.04.90


Sporter of the year 2014 of Local Goverment Dantumadiel

-Summer 2014-

Running – Run 10k Godalming, Overall 96/296, Gender 80/175 – Time 54:00


Winter Triathlon – Groningen Winter Triathlon, Time: 1:36:37. 5km walk 00:21:38, 00:51:10 Cycling 25km, 10km skating 00:17:29, 37th overall / 34th men

Skating – Job Marathon Thialf C1 March 3rd, 5th, 19th General Classification

Skating – Marathon Region North East C2: 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 13th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 7th, 1st, 15th, Total 308.2 pts, Competition won.

Skating – Open YVG Championship Marathon C1 + C2 + M1: 13th place

-Summer 2013 –

Running – Running 10km (Boniface run) – Time 50:22

Inline skating – Bartlehiem Skeeler Tour 2013 60km – 2h and 40min


Skating – Open Marathon Championship YVG Kardinge, Men Recreanten – 1st

-Summer 2012 –

Cycling – Fiets11Stedentocht, 240km – 9h 24min and

Inline skating – Bartlehiem Skeeler 30km Tour 2012 (Heatwave) – Time unknown

Skating – NE Region Youth marathon YVG, Juniors B – 1st

Skating – Short Course natural ice, Fries Short Course Championships – 9th


Skating – Short Course Natural, Jeen v.d. Berg Trophy in IIsclub Aldwâld, Youth to 15jr – 1st

Skating – Marathon FerwerterIIsclub, Stew Race – 1st


Skating – 1st Match Thialf (18-10-2009), Junior C – 500m/1000m

Skating – Marathon FerwerterIIsclub, Boys 14/16 – 1st

Skating – FerwerterIIsclub Marathon, Race Medley – 3rd


Inline skating – Club Championship IDS, Pupils Boys 1 – 1



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